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Sometimes as a loved one ages or faces a progressing illness, they may be unable to fully care for themselves or make important legal decisions. Guardianship in Ohio for elderly individuals helps families provide the protection and support these unique circumstances call for.

What is guardianship exactly?

Guardianship is the process where a court allows one person (a guardian) to control the personal decisions and/or the money of another person (the ward).  When an aging parent suffers from mental and/or physical decline, they may lose the ability to properly care for themselves and make important decisions.  Guardianship enables a loved one to legally make medical and financial decisions for the ward.  Ultimately, when a person cannot make decisions about where to live or how to handle money, a guardianship will protect them from those who may seek to take advantage of their vulnerable situation.

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Older people have a distinct area of worries and concerns where they can use the help of an attorney.  Elder law covers these unique needs.  Elder law doesn’t just protect the aging person, however.  Going to a lawyer early in the process also helps adult children who want to protect their aging parents’ assets and ensure they can afford care for them as their health and medical needs change.

Both older people and their adult children need to take care of a wide variety of legal issues that arise as one ages.

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